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What is the ultimate electric unicycle for 2020?

Are you looking for an electric unicycle to speed up your commute or just have fun? Check out our list of best models and buying guide.

When you think of a unicycle, you might think of the old school one wheel cousin of the bicycle. That unicycle had pedals and a seat. Well, the old school unicycle has received an upgrade. The modern electric unicycle is powered by electricity. Riders of unicycles don’t have to pedal anymore. Unicycles have motors that spin the wheel and keep the unicycle moving. The unicycle depends on the balance of the rider as the rider stands on the platform pedals. Unicycle riders use balance and movement to direct to unicycle. Unicycles are fun, trendy, and popular for being environmentally friendly

How Do Unicycles Work?

The modern unicycle is a sleek and sophisticated transportation gadget. The modern unicycle was designed with a gyroscope to create a self-balancing unicycle. The electric unicycle has a self-balancing axis that uses the motion of the rider to control speed and steering. Leaning forward and backward increases and decreases speed. While twisting the feet to either side controls the steering. Learning how to manage the unicycle is not difficult. New riders can learn how to ride and control the unicycle in minutes. Continued practice will improve riding skills.

1. Best Overall: InMotion V10F

InMotion’s V10F unicycle is sleek and sturdy. The design makes the 16-inch tire feel like an 18-inch tire.

  • Weight: 45.4 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 16 inch
  • Speed: 25MPH
  • Carrying Capacity: 260 lbs

InMotions’s V10F unicycle is designed to be slim yet sturdy. The 16-inch wheel is formidable and handles like an 18-inch wheel. The large pedals that sit at the height of 17.2 cm make the V10F one of the most comfortable unicycles to ride. The rubber covering adds to the comfort level.

The higher weight of the un unicycle renders it more stable. Thought the V10F is powerful and is equipped with larger pedals and bright headlights, the unicycles small size makes it easy to maneuver. The V10F is at home on the road or city sidewalks.

What makes this unicycle one of our favorites is its tough and sleek design. The InMotion V10F is one tough electric unicycle that can hand rides on different terrains. This unicycle has a bright headlight that will help you see during off-road use.


  • 8-hour charging time
  • 260 lbs max weight capacity
  • Has LED light on front, rear, and sides
  • Has a max range of 62 miles
  • Includes app for data and lights
  • Has an active internal cooling system
  • Has a 30-degree climbing incline angle
  • Has Bluetooth speakers


  • Ability to see in-app statistics
  • Customize LED lights in-app
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Headlight


  • Pricey
  • Not water resistant

Buy it here

2. Best Value: Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle

The Swagtron Swagroller’s blue and white design is not only modern but futuristic. The 14-inch air-filled dual tires provide stability and traction.

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Wheel size: 14 inch
  • Speed: 9MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 264 lbs

The Swagroller’s small and compact design may sway some people into thinking that this electric unicycle can’t handle all terrains, but they would be wrong. The Swagroller is compact for easy storage. Lift the handle to roll the unicycle somewhere for storage. Retract the handle for riding.

Use the mobile app to connect to the Swagroller via Bluetooth. The app lets you monitor power output, speed, temperature, adjust the balancing and perform a diagnostic test. The app enables you to see your route on a map or lock the motor. The Swagroller’s app feature helps this unicycle shine.

There is no doubt that the Swagroller is aesthetically pleasing. But how long will that last? Scuff marks are sure to be visible on the white background after a spill or wipe out. If scuff marks don’t bother you, this unicycle may be right for you.


  • 3-hour charging time
  • 264 lbs max weight capacity
  • Has LED strip light in front and rear
  • Includes app for settings, motor lock, and more
  • Has a max range of 12 miles
  • Has a 15-degree climbing incline
  • Has Bluetooth speakers


  • Motor lock via the app
  • Change settings via the app
  • Customize LED light via the app
  • Metal foot pedal
  • All-terrain use
  • Headlight
  • Retractable handle
  • Folding foot pedal
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable


  • Some users had tire issues
  • Some users had rubbing/grinding noise

Buy the Swagroller here

3. Best premium choice – Gotway Tesla 16” 1020Wh/2000W Motor

The Gotway Tesla has some key benefits over the previous Gotway Nikola. This compact unicycle is perfect for riding in the city.

  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Wheel size: 16 inch
  • Speed: 38 MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 278 lbs

The Gotway Tesla has a thinner wheel than its predecessors. The 16-inch wheel is less susceptible to uneven surfaces/small bumps that will throw you off balance. The high pedals allow for the front wheel to have more curb clearance but require deeper leans to go fast or slow and to have the same turning radius as the Nikola.

The Tesla is ideal for getting around the city. The magnetic foot pedals are easy to open and close. Overall the Gotway Tesla offers a comfortable ride. The wheels move fast, and the Gotway Tesla travels up inclines quickly.

The Gotway Tesla seems to be a great all-around unicycle. The 16-inch wheel is similar to the InMotion V10’s wheel. The wheel is a great commuter wheel. The black color of the shell hides scuff marks.


  • 2-4 hours of charging time
  • 278 lbs max weight capacity
  • Has LED light in front
  • Has a max range of 40 miles
  • Has Bluetooth speakers
  • Has a 30-degree climbing incline
  • Has large magnetic footplates
  • Has customizable light settings


  • Lift sensorSide
  • RGB lights
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • USB charge port
  • GX20 port
  • Headlight
  • Large pedals


  • No rear lights
  • No brake light

Buy the Gotway Tesla 16 here

4. Best lightweight model: Segway One S1

The One S1 is a futuristic machine for city riding. At 25 lbs, it’s portable and easy to store.

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Wheel size: 16 inch
  • Speed: 12.5 MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 220 lbs

The One S1 has a great design, but beware that scuffs will show on the white body of the electric unicycle. At this time, the One S1 is only available in white. The large foot pedals make for a comfortable ride. This compact unicycle does excellent on the sidewalk and streets. It is perfect for use in the city.

Many features of the One S1 can be customized through the One S1 app. The app is necessary for activation of the One S1 before use. The One S1 is a compact unicycle that allows for speed and agility while riding throughout the city.

The OneS1 has attractive that prevents the wheel from spinning. Lifting the handle disables the motor when the unicycle is on. This stops the wheel from turning and allows you to carry the unicycle.


  • 4-hour charging time
  • 220 lbs max weight
  • Has LED light strips on the sides
  • Includes an app
  • Has a max range of 15 miles
  • Has large pedals/with grip tape


  • New rider tutorial via the app
  • Customize light pattern via the app
  • Monitor speed and enable lock/carry mode via the app
  • Great for sidewalks and roads
  • Has a carrying handle
  • The handle is padded
  • Bluetooth
  • Portable
  • Compact


  • Need in app activation before use
  • Not for off-road use
  • Not for use on low traction surfaces
  • No headlight

Buy the Segway One S1 here

5. Best design - Ninebot Z10

The Ninebot Z10 lets you ride through the city or off-road. With a powerful motor and 18-inch wheels, this unicycle is sturdy and can handle rides off the beaten path. The Z10 can also be used for daily commutes to the job or school.

  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Wheel size: 18 inch
  • Speed: 28 MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 325 lbs

The Ninebot Z10 is great for commuting to a job or to school. The Z10 lets you traverse through the urban landscape. Weave through traffic and zoom along city sidewalks. The pneumatic tires offer stability on flat surfaces, packed dirt, and grass.

The Z10 isn’t just for rides in the city. Take the Z10 off-road for adventures. The smart battery management system will prevent your battery from overheating and experiencing increases or decreases in voltage.

The Ninebot Z10 is a beast of a machine. This unicycle has 18-inch tires with a 4.1-inch pneumatic tire for comfort when while riding on bumpy roads. The Ninebot Z10 has a water resistance certification level of IP54 and can stand in extreme weather conditions.


  • 4-hour charging time
  • 1800W motor
  • Has a max range of 56 miles
  • Can handle rides on rough surfaces
  • IP54 water resistance
  • Has Led lights
  • Has a stoplight
  • Includes app
  • Has Bluetooth speakers


  • Has a 25-degree climbing incline
  • Retractable handle
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable shell

Buy the Z10 here

6. Biggest wheel - Gotway MSX

The Gotway MSX is durable and sporty. The 19-inch tire provides stability. Though it can be used in the city, its larger wheel, stability, and durability means the Gotway MSX does great outdoors.

  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Wheel size: 19 inch
  • Speed: 35 MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 325

The Gotway MSX is one impressive unicycle. The unicycle is compact and sturdy. Though the MSX is excellent for riding in the city. It is perfect for rugged terrain. The width of the tires helps ride over small potholes and ensure riders have a smooth ride.

The MSX is expensive compared to other budget-friendly options. The MSX doesn’t have Bluetooth speakers or an app. The wheel is wider and can handle more. The MSX is made for speed and riding on rugged terrain.

When you look at the Gotway MSX, you can tell that it is tough and can handle rides on rough terrain. The toughness and stability come in part from the 19-inch, wider tire. The tires allow users to get a smooth ride while riding on soft dirt and gravel but pays the price in a heavier weight.


  • 4-hour charging time
  • Has a max weight of 325 lbs
  • Has Led light strip in front and rear
  • Has a max range of 60 miles
  • USB port
  • Function on all-terrains
  • Retractable handle
  • Side padding
  • Durable


  • Has a 20-degree climbing incline
  • Has a retractable handle
  • Portable
  • Perfect for rugged terrain
  • Headlight


  • No Bluetooth speakers
  • Could have a better incline
  • Pricey

Buy the MSX here

7. Best with seat - Super Ride S1000 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Unlike other unicycles, the Super Ride S1000 has a seat. The S1000 also has a handle similar to a bicycle handle. Riders of the S1000 can sit in comfort while they ride.

  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Wheel size: 18-inch
  • Speed: 20MPH
  • Carrying capacity: 280 lbs

The Super Ride S1000 is the only electric unicycle on this list that has a seat and handlebars. The tire is wide, and the seat is made for comfort. So it’s not strange that anyone riding the Super Ride S1000 should have a comfortable ride while they zoom along during commutes or exploring the city.

However, comfort comes with a price. Super Ride achieved comfort with a cushy seat, handlebars, and metal foot pedals at the expense of portability, speed, and range. The S1000 is bulky and larger than other unicycles. This unicycle can’t be easily carried or stored in a small space.

For all its comfort and futuristic design, the SuperRide S1000 falls flat in speed and range. This could be a great commuter machine if you don’t have to travel more than 15 miles round trip. That’s right; the S1000 has a max range of only 15 miles and a top speed of 20 MPH. Still, the S1000 is sure to get attention everywhere you go.


  • Fully charged in one hour
  • Has an emergency brake
  • Has a seat
  • 280 lbs max weight capacity
  • Max range of 15 miles
  • Has handlebars
  • LED Headlight
  • LED Display
  • Has a horn


  • Removable battery
  • Has a seat
  • Comfortable for long rides


  • No Bluetooth speaker
  • No app

Buy the S1000 here

What Are The Benefits Of Buying an Electric Unicycle

Any benefits that you get when buying an electric unicycle depends on the model that you buy. Each unicycle has different features. It’s up to each person to think about the reasons that they have decided to buy a unicycle. A unicycle is a good option if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint. Unicycles are an excellent personal transportation device for short commutes to work and school. Unicycles are even a fun gadget to ride.

For example, look at all of the benefits that the Ninebot Z10 offers. The Z10 has a powerful motor and can achieve a speed of 28 MPH. The Ninebot Z10 is a good electric unicycle for people who want a unicycle that is environmentally friendly. The max weight for the Z10 is 325 lbs, which means the Z10 can easily carry an adult male over city streets or rough terrain. The Z10 can provide hours of fun and is a means of transportation that helps reduce the carbon footprint of the user. The Ninebot Z10 is a great commuter unicycle that can also provide hours of off-road fun.

If you are looking to purchase a unicycle for someone that will treat it more as a toy, a child. The child will ride it for fun around the neighborhood. You don’t need to get a unicycle that has a high speed. You also don’t need a unicycle for rugged terrain.

Aside from being environmentally friendly and fun. A unicycle is an excellent form of exercise. A unicycle is controlled by leaning the body forward, backward, and side to side. A unicycle rider must have a good balance to keep it in motion. There are many benefits to owning a unicycle.

Buyers guide

Some people may think that a unicycle is a fun toy, but unicycles are transportation devices that can help you reach many different locations. Before buying a unicycle, make a list of your requirements. Remember that you have to buy a unicycle that will support your weight. The right unicycle must carry your weight without overloading.

Do you want a unicycle for use in the city? Is a unicycle that is all-terrain important to you? Do you want entertainment through a Bluetooth speaker? These are a few items to consider when looking to buy a unicycle. Is this a gift for a child or teen that just wants to ride for fun? Write down your requirements in a unicycle before beginning your search. Let’s take a look at some things to consider before buying.

1. Wheel size

A factor to consider before purchasing a unicycle is the wheel size. Larger wheels like an 18-inch can handle rougher terrain. With an 18-inch wheel, you won’t feel bumps or potholes. The wheel offers more stability and can’t handle riding over bumps and potholes with ease, but it comes at the price of a heavier weight. A unicycle with an 18-inch wheel is good for someone who plans to ride on city streets and off-road. But a unicycle with an18-inch will weigh more and will be harder to carry.

A smaller wheel size like a 14-inch is not as stable as an 18-inch wheel. However, the 14-inch wheel is agile and easy to maneuver in the city. You will feel any bumps or disturbances with the 14-inch tire. Smaller tires are best for city use.

2. Weight capacity

Think carefully about how much weight your unicycle will have to carry. Choose a unicycle that can carry the weight easily. If you get a unicycle with a smaller weight capacity than your weight, the unicycle will overload. An overloaded unicycle won’t work to its maximum performance level.

3. Speed

An adult requires different features than a child. If you are buying a unicycle for an adult, then a faster speed and off-road capabilities maybe some of your requirements. However, if you are buying a unicycle for a child, you have to think about safety first. A unicycle that doesn’t go fast is better suited for a child. Look for a unicycle that has a speed of 8-10 miles per hour.

4. Portability

How easy to carry and store a unicycle is important. A unicycle has a max range per charge. It makes sense to ride the unicycle only when needed to preserve the charge as long as possible. This means that you will have to carry and store the unicycle. If you use the unicycle for a short commute to work and the return trip, you will need to store it when you are working. In this case, a smaller compact unicycle would be easier to store. Some unicycles have retractable trolly like handles that can be used to pull a unicycle to a different area. The handle retracts into place. It is then a carrying handle. Take into consideration that a compact unicycle that weighs less is more portable than a larger unicycle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Electric Unicycles safe?

An electric unicycle is a personal transportation machine/vehicle. All vehicles, including cars and trucks, can be dangerous if the rider or driver is not driving safely. By themselves, electric unicycles are not dangerous. Practice safe riding. A rider must not get complacent, keep an eye on the location where you are riding, and wear protective gear. Use a helmet and wrist guards.

Are Electric Unicycles waterproof?

Unicycles are not waterproof. Remember that unicycles have motors. However, unicycles with a certification level of IP54 are water-resistant.

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