Falcon Pev ZERO 10X Electric Scooter Review

The Falcon Pev Zero 10X is a powerhouse of an electric scooter that doesn't mess around.

The Falcon Pev Zero 10X is a powerhouse of an electric scooter that doesn't mess around. Experienced riders looking for something more will love the sheer amount of power and speed this bad boy can output.

The price tag may be high for some but if you can look past the money you will see a feature-rich scooter that offers an incredible riding experience and one heck of a great time.

Feature highlights

LED Display - The display panel sits on top of the right handlebar and shows you a digital readout of various stats about your ride. You can check battery life, see your current speed, and find out what gear is currently engaged.

Easy Controls - You can twist the throttle to adjust your speed and use the intuitive button layout to change gears or power off the scooter.

Front and Rear Lights - The scooter illuminates everything around you so you can see where you're going and alert traffic to your presence at night.

Power System

The ZERO 10X has two motors that output 1000 watts each. When combined with the speed controllers, the scooter can reach a whopping 3200 watts of performance when pushed to the limit. This makes it one of the most powerful scooters around.

You can opt for a version with an 18AH battery or splurge on the 24AH upgrade. Both options give you a sturdy battery that sits snugly on the motors at the rear of the scooter. It takes ten hours to fully charge either battery back to full power.


The 18AH battery lasts for an impressive 35 miles on a single charge. This is more than enough in most cases but you can always upgrade to the 24AH version to get 55 miles per charge. Both offer insane amounts of freedom compared to other scooters.

If you want blistering speeds, then you got them with this model. You can reach top speeds of 35 mph in a matter of seconds which makes this one of the fastest personal transport vehicles ever designed.

Frame And Build

The strong performance of the ZERO 10X demands a solid frame to keep everything held together. Luckily, Falcon Pev knew this better than anyone and built this scooter to last. The metal construction is very durable and withstands a great deal of pressure.

The scooter weighs 80 pounds and holds a capacity of 330 pounds before beginning to dip. This means most people can enjoy a ride and have plenty of clearance for backpacks and other cargo.

The pneumatic tires are ten inches in diameter and have a very smooth surface. The front and rear are both equipped with a hydraulic suspension that absorbs shock caused by small objects and uneven terrain.

Braking system

The brakes are very responsive and provide smooth stops without any jerkiness. The front and back each have disc brakes that work in tandem to maintain balance while momentum is halted.

If you upgrade to the 24AH battery model, you can enjoy hydraulic brakes that provide even more reliable stopping power. These are great if you tend to get a bit reckless when out on the road.


The tires are three inches wide which helps beginners and experts alike keep their balance when going at full speed. Each speed controller has a massive heat sink that helps keep the temperature down during longer rides.

Many scooters overheat which can cause undue wear and tear. In the worst-case scenario, parts can even malfunction during a ride. The speed controllers are literal lifesavers in this regard.

To keep you safe at night or during low visibility conditions, the scooter features LED lights on the front and rear. Not only can you see better, but other people will know where you are too.

Customer service

Falcon is an electric scooter company that has taken Singapore by storm with its impressive build quality and performance metrics. In the US, REVRides wheels and deals with each of its products and provides customer support as well.

They are based out of Washington and offer free technical support on weekdays only. During business hours, they are quick to respond and are very knowledgable about the entire scooter industry. They always got back to me in less than a day.

There is a six-month manufacturer's warranty that covers defects that can occur at the factory level. They also offer a small return window within the first five days of purchase if you have driven less than 20 miles on it.

Are There Any Downsides?

The main issue with any scooter in this weight class is just how heavy it is. It's not very portable considering how not many people can lug around 80 pounds for very long. Considering the raw performance, it makes sense that it is this hefty.

At least it does fold up so you can take it in a car with you or even save some space when it comes time to store it.

Who Is The Rev 10X For?

Speed junkies who want one of the fastest electric scooters ever devised will absolutely love the ZERO 10X. Experienced riders who are looking for a nice upgrade over their old scooter will also get a kick out of this.

It is a strictly adult scooter though as it wouldn't be very safe for kids or teens to ride this without supervision. That being said, it does offer a smooth and safe ride for any adults who can handle the adrenaline rush.


The Falcon Pev ZERO 10X is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a high-end electric scooter. The impressive top speeds and freedom producing vast range make it quite the feat of engineering.

You also get a solid array of features that are sure to delight anyone who has ridden an electric scooter before. The price tag is well worth it when you take into consideration just how well this vehicle performs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does shipping work?

You get free shipping on all orders over $25 so the Pev ZERO 10X is delivered at no cost. Expect it to arrive in about 5 business days if you are in the US.

Are these legal to drive through the city?

Each state has its laws and some have no documented policies yet because the technology is still relatively new. Check your local legislation before ordering to make sure.

Can you drive off-road with the ZERO 10X?

The scooter is primarily for paved roads and isn't suitable for the wilderness or rough terrain. Use extreme caution on dirt or gravel roads and try to avoid them if possible.

Is the ZERO 10X waterproof?

No. While it may survive a light drizzle, you definitely want to avoid driving it in moderate rainfall or going through puddles on the ground.

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