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What Is The Fastest Electric Scooter You Can Buy in 2020?

Are you looking for the fastest electric scooter? Read our top list for the fastest, and most powerful scooters you can buy right now.

Electric scooters are quickly becoming one of the most viable forms of transportation in the modern age. Extremely convenient in urban areas, electric scooters are a safe and dependable way to get from point a to point b without expending extreme effort.

While many may not think of electric scooters when considering fast forms of travel, the truth is electric scooters can be relatively fast. Listed below are 5 of the speediest models of electric scooters out there.

In compiling this list, we've weighed each scooter's relative speed against its maximum mileage, as well as the pros and cons of each.

How Fast do Electric Scooters Go?

While entry-level some scooter models can only reach a maximum speed of 10 mph, others such as the Q-POWER can travel speeds of up to 55 mph.

However, most electric scooters typically travel at a speed relatively near 25 mph.

The Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters Listed

1. Qiewa Q-POWER

Of all the electric scooters we've compiled, the Qiewa is the most powerful. Able to achieve speeds of up to 55 mph, this off-roading extreme scooter is one of the most impressive models out there.

If you're concerned solely with the speed of your scooter, you will likely already be sold by the Qiewa's impressive maximum speed, but there are other features of the Qiewa that are equally as impressive. Many scooters are designed for urban use, but this Q-POWER boasts the capability to take your ride off the beaten path.

The Fastest Scooter Around

Equipped with two separate motors, each with the power of 1600 watts, the total motor power of the Q-POWER is an impressive 3200 watts. With a 48 volt battery, the Q-POWER packs a serious punch.

The Q-POWER is perfect for off-roading thanks to its 45-degree shock absorber. If you're looking for an extreme scooter, you won't be sorry with the experience the Q-POWER provides.

However, just because the Q-POWER is built for speed doesn't mean Qiewa hasn't taken their time to design a scooter equally as concerned with safety. The Q-POWER is equipped with double hydraulic brakes as a double brake light.

On the topic of convenience, the Q-POWER can fold into itself in a mere 25 seconds and allows users to enable a power-saving mode that keeps it running further for longer.

What's more, the Q-POWER can travel an impressive 50 miles in between charges, all depending on speed, of course. Additionally, the Q-POWER has a very average charge time of just 12 to 15 hours, making this one of the best scooters if you are looking to incorporate a scooter as part of your daily commute.

Despite its heavy-duty battery and multiple motors, the Q-POWER only weighs an impressive 81.5 pounds. By incorporating a remote into the design of the Q-POWER, users can lock and unlock it from afar, keeping it safe from theft.

Equipped with an adjustable handlebar, the Q-POWER makes sure not to forgo comfort in its intuitive design concerns.

The Q-POWER's 11-inch off-road tires offer consumers an extreme experience, especially when paired with the scooter's maximum speed of 55 mph. Altogether, the Q-POWER has a lot of power behind it (hence the name) but remains a solid choice of scooter overall. Buy it here

Pros & Cons


  • Able to reach speeds of 55 mph
  • Impressive off-road capabilities
  • Travel 50 miles on a single charge
  • Anti-theft specifications
  • Median price range


  • Not as trendily designed as other scooters

2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

An electric scooter designed with motorcycle lovers in mind, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is sure to impress even the harshest electric scooter skeptic. This scooter means business and can traverse hill grades over an impressive 45 degrees.

When it comes to the Kaabo's design, only one word comes to mind: cool. With its sleek black design, leather upholstery and front headlights, the Kaabo truly looks like a baby motorcycle. The Kaabo has something for everyone, available in both street tire and off-road tire variants, with both toting 11-inch wheels.

Delivers Power

With a maximum speed of 50 mph, the Kaabo is a solid runner up to the Q-POWER. Where the Kaabo surpasses the Q-POWER is in its exceptional mileage range of a whopping 80 miles between charges.

Equipped with a full-hydraulic braking system, and even toting an optional ABS, the Kaabo will keep you feeling like you're gliding even when you've reached its top speed.

Even better, you'll stay feeling safe on the Kaabo thanks to its sturdy handlebar composition. Easily adjustable to help those of any height feel comfortable, the Kaabo doesn't cut any corners.

Equipped with a rear spring brake as well as sturdy hydraulic shock absorbers, the Kaabo provides a safe ride both on and off the streets.

In addition to the Kaabo's two front LED lights, the Kaabo is also equipped with side-lights and a backlight to keep you safe. Designed to help others see you as much as they are designed to help you see them, the Kaabo excels even in low-lighting.

While the Kaabo achieves an impressively high mileage between charges, this does not translate to longer charge time. The Kaabo can reach a full charge in only 7 to 8 hours.

This kind of charge time is impressive for even median scooters and for a scooter which such a high mileage in between charges to have this kind of charge time is nearly unheard of, making the Kaabo one of the most impressive scooter models out there.

One thing the Kaabo isn't built for, however, is sheer portability. The Kaabo weighs a whopping 101 pounds and trekking this scooter around isn't for the faint of heart (or light of muscle).

Still, the Kaabo more than makes up for any default with its unique design and impressive mileage.Buy it here

Pros & Cons


  • An impressive range between charges of 80 miles
  • Equipped with motorcycle-grade shock absorbers
  • Fast charge time of 7-8 hours
  • Great for off-roading & street riding alike


  • Heavier than the average electric scooter

3. Nanrobot LS7 11

Compared with the previously mentioned Kaabo model, the LS7 11 can keep up with the competition. Also able to accomplish the impressive speed of 50 mph, the LS7 11 is another tough, off-roading electric scooter with serious speed.

Equipped with a 60V 38Ah battery, the LS7 11 can travel an impressive 43 miles between charges. The average charge times for the LS7 11 are between 8 and 14 hours thanks to the installed Smart Lithium battery charger, included in the initial purchase of the scooter.

Heavy Duty Offroader

The LS7 11 accomplishes something difficult even to most modern masters of engineering; it remains powerful while also maintaining its heavy-duty composition. This allows you to off-road as fast as you want - and as safely as you want.

If you thought the Kaabo was heavy, brace yourself; the LS7 11 weighs an impressive 110 pounds. What it lacks in portability the LS7 11 makes up for in its maximum weight potential. Riders weighing up to 330 pounds can ride the LS7 11 safety as well as comfortably.

The LS7 11 there is essentially no way it could have been manufactured as a lighter motorcycle. With a whopping 3600 watts of motor power, it's easy to see where the scooter's weight comes from.

This does little to impact the actual riding experience of the scooter, however, as it remains easily controlled even at its most impressive speeds. Equipped with 11-inch tires, the LS7 11 is truly meant to be an impressive all-terrain vehicle.

If you're looking for an electric scooter you'll be able to take through even the harshest terrains, you will not have to look further than the LS7 11.

While this powerful scooter packs an impressive punch, you don't have to worry about its performance on the streets. Even if you don't intend on taking your electric scooter offroading any time soon, you'll likely still enjoy the LS7 11's impressive mph and mileage between charge times.

While this unit is heavier, its weight won't matter much to those looking for an electric scooter to use for their daily commute. You might even be thankful to have something a little sturdier below you when it comes to some of those crazy city drivers!Buy it here

Pros & Cons


  • An impressive range of 43 miles between charges
  • Accomplishes a speedy 50 mph
  • Whopping 3600-watt engine
  • Impressive suspension & smooth ride


  • Heavier than the average scooter

4. Kaabo MANTIS

An impressive blend of portability, safety, and speed, all for a reasonable price, this Kaabo model is one of the best all-around scooters out there. While slower than some of the other scooters previously mentioned, the MANTIS still manages an impressive 40 mph.

Able to travel for over 45 miles per charge, the Pro version MANTIS more than outperforms the expectancy of an average scooter. The base model of the MANTIS is impressive enough, managing a distance of 30 miles in between charges.

While the MANTIS may be outperformed in specs alone, the MANTIS more than makes up for it.

Fast & Portable

While some may value performance above all else, all the performance in the world may not do you any good if you can't reasonably incorporate your electric scooter into your regular commute.

The designers of the MANTIS must have known this, as it designed for those with practicality in mind. Weighing a mere 60 pounds and able to fold into itself relatively easily, there's not much stopping you from picking the MANTIS up and carrying into the office between meetings.

While the MANTIS is small and portable, it's more than powerful enough. Equipped with two 1000 watt motors, accelerating to the impressive top speed of the MANTIS is a breeze.

You'll see where the power lies in the MANTIS the first time you pull the throttle as it packs more of a punch than you may think. While the MANTIS doesn't have the 3600-watt motors of LS7 11, chances are you might not even need such a motor.

Both the Pro and base models of the MANTIS are equipped with smooth, powerful brakes that will make you feel as though you have stepped onto a piece of futuristic technology - because, with the MANTIS, you practically have.

What's more, the Pro version of the MANTIS allows you to mess around with the specs and build a scooter that focuses on what truly matters. From acceleration power to torque and maximum speeds, there is little you won't be able to focus on with the MANTIS.

The MANTIS is equipped with 10-inch wheels. Those looking for a scooter that they will mostly be able to use for their commute that still retains the ability to take you off-roading from time to time will likely want to make the MANTIS their top pick.Buy it here

Pros & Cons


  • Able to achieve an impressive speed of 40 mph
  • Weighs only 65 lbs
  • Impressive 2000 watt motor
  • Pro version can be highly customized


  • Not as powerful as other models previously listed

5. Speedway 5 Electric Scooter

Coming in at the top speed of the MANTIS, the Speedway 5 also reaches a maximum speed of 40 mph. The goal of the Speedway 5 is simple: pack a whole lot of power into an extremely light and portable scooter.

The result of this mission is the Speedway 5, a highly sleek and impressively designed scooter. Combining the best aspects of some of the previously mentioned scooters, the Speedway 5 can remain lightweight and portable while incorporating motor power of an impressive and powerful 3600 watts.

Speedway 5 Has the Power

Some of the previously mentioned scooters sacrifice portability to provide motor power. Some of them sacrifice motor power to provide portability. Miraculously, the Speedway 5 makes a point to be both powerful and sleek.

Even more impressive, the Speedway 5 is equipped with a 60-volt battery and regenerative electric brake that allows you to help keep the battery up while you are resting.

The result is a scooter that can travel up to 70 miles between charges. Just 15 mph shy of the top-performing scooter on this list, the Speedway 5 is honestly one of the best choices for those looking for some of the top specs who don't mind going just a little slower.

You probably won't even feel the difference, as the Speedway 5 packs a lot of punch. As most commercial scooters are only able to attain speeds of a mere 25 mph, there's still a lot to be impressed about when it comes to the Speedway 5.

The Speedway 5 manages to keep its slim appearance while remaining safe by utilizing hardy materials throughout. Designed using airplane-grade aluminum alloy and polypropylene covers, there is nothing about the Speedway 5 that feels flimsy.

Equipped with 10-inch wheels, the Speedway 5 is capable of offroading it, even if its skill truly lies in inner-city travel. With a one-touch button to facilitate the Speedway 5's folding mechanism, it truly is one of the most user-friendly scooters out there.

Even better, the Speedway 5 comes with an instrument panel that gives you readouts of your scooter's battery life, the current speed at which you are traveling, and how long you have been riding. Put your scooter into battery saving mode or adjust the LCD brightness all through the console.Buy it here

Pros & Cons


  • A maximum speed of 40 mph
  • Able to travel an impressive 70 miles between chargest
  • Comes with a powerful 3600-watt motor
  • Unique instrument panel for diagnostics


  • One of the slower scooters on this list

Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast does a 1600w electric scooter go?

1600 watt scooters can reach about 28 mph. This makes them too slow for the road in most cases, so be sure to check your local laws to ensure you are riding your 1600 watt scooter properly.

What is the most powerful electric scooter?

According to our findings, the most powerful electric scooter is the previously mentioned Speedway 5. This scooter is pretty much the best of the best, with all of the important qualities of the other aforementioned scooters all rolled into one. While it is slightly slower than the top scooters, achieving speeds of up to 40 mph versus 55 mph, the Speedway 5 is still highly impressive. Equipped with 3600-watt motors and able to travel for up to 70 miles between charges, the Speedway 5 packs a serious punch. Even better, while remaining extremely powerful, the Speedway 5 is easily foldable and lightweight enough to make traveling with this scooter a breeze. Lastly, the Speedway 5 does not skimp on safety, making it the best all-around scooter.

How fast is 1600 watts in mph?

The unit Watt does not directly translate to speed, as it represents a certain amount of power. However, the more powerful your motor is, the higher the speed your scooter will be able to travel.

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