Reviewing the Gotrax Glider Scooter

Despite the low price point, the Gotrax Glider offers a lot of quality and features in an electric scooter.

The GoTrax Glider is a budget electric scooter that manages to pack a whole lot of value in for the money. It is a solid choice for first-time riders who want to see if scooting is for them without breaking the bank.

Despite the low price point, it has a bevy of features and an impeccable build quality that puts many more expensive scooters to shame. If you are considering an electric scooter purchase, I can think of no better place to start your research.

Who is it Best For

The GoTrax Glider is most suitable for younger riders and those with little experience driving a personal vehicle. It is a perfect fit for both kids and teenagers who want to have a ball zipping around their neighborhood in style.

Adults who are scooting for the first time will also enjoy this model. It is simple to pick up and start riding right away and you can store it with ease. Basically, anyone can get a great deal of fun and utility from this scooter.


As far as electric scooters go, the GoTrax Glider is incredibly stylish. It has a compact design with a sleek finish to match. It comes in black, red, or pink so there is something for everyone.

There is also a handlebar display that gives the unit a modern look that is sure to please fans of the latest tech. The LED headlight is very bright and completes the overall aesthetic with aplomb.


Electric scooters of this class often have top speeds between 10 and 18 mph. The GoTRax Glider sits comfortably on the higher end of that spectrum at a max speed of 16 mph.

That may not seem too impressive when you read it but you would be surprised at how fast that is when you start rolling. 16 mph is more than enough to zoom around the neighborhood or commute through the city.

Range and battery performance

The battery stays strong for journeys that are nine miles long. This is plenty for kids who want to explore their local area or for adults who work close to home. The battery can be charged fully in just three hours.

This is insanely fast for electric scooter batteries at this price point. It is very common to find batteries that require 12 hours to juice up. At only three, this is a scooter that you can ride multiple times a day without much extensive planning.

Own weight and load capacity

The GoTrax Glider is impressively lightweight and the whole vehicle ways just 20 pounds! It is by far the least heavy electric scooter you can buy today. What makes it even more novel is the fact that it can hold riders up to 220 lbs.

This is truly an immaculate piece of engineering and I must tip my cap to the team over at GoTrax for pulling off such a wide weight differential.

Portability and foldability

We just took a look at how light the scooter is so you probably have already guessed how easy it is to carry around. Even young kids can handle 20 pounds without breaking a sweat.

It is even more portable when you consider the easy to use folding lever. By pulling this lever, the frame effortlessly folds with some guidance from your hand. Again, even a young kid can work this mechanism without any additional help.

Features and durability

If you want a solid array of features, then the Glider has you covered there too. The acceleration throttle is located on the handlebars and makes it a breeze to adjust speeds. The electromagnetic braking system ensures smooth stops void of jerkiness.

The frame is waterproof in addition to being so lightweight. The Display panel lets you track battery life, view current speeds, and even change gears. The headlight is bright enough to illuminate three meters in front of you during low visibility rides.

The body is surprisingly durable overall and can survive a few bumps and jolts here and there. Considering how light it is, you should still use caution to avoid head-on collisions when zipping about.


When zooming through city streets at 16 mph you are going to want to be able to stop on a dime. Luckily, the brakes work wonders and halted all forward momentum with ease. The electromagnetic brake applies tons of friction to impede the tires quickly.

In addition to the fancy brakes, the LED headlight keeps you safe at night by not only illuminating your path but making you easy to spot as well.


There is absolutely no assembly required when you receive the GoTrax Glider. Everything is complete when you take it out of the box. This is in stark contrast to other popular scooter brands that require a few last-minute steps.

You don't even need to pump up the tires as they are constructed from solid rubber. If you dislike the idea of putting things together, you will love the ready to go nature of this scooter.

Pricing and value for money

The GoTrax Glider comes in at a modest $200 price tag. The original MSRP was $300 but the price has been reduced due to the parts becoming cheaper over time. This may seem way too low, and frankly, that's because it is.

There are so many features packed in that comparable scooters often cost way more. GoTrax is offering a bonanza of value here and it goes to show how overpriced other scooters can be. If you want the best bang for your buck then here it is.

The Gotrax Brand

GoTrax launched a series of hoverboards back in 2007. They found huge success in the rideable market and expanded their inventory to include bikes and scooters. Their electric scooters quickly rose in popularity due to the sheer quality.

They are a very eco-conscious brand that provides the world with transportation solutions that don't adversely affect the environment. To top it all off, each of their products has a 14-day return policy and a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

This shows how confident they are in their products and ordering from them is a great way to see if electric scooters are the right vehicle for you. They offer a safe and reliable product that you can return if for some reason you just don't vibe with it.

Review Summary

Overall, the GoTrax Glider is an incredible vehicle that is filled to the brim with value. It is easy to use and performs extremely well on paved roads. It is worth noting though that it can't be used safely off-road.

The battery range is pretty solid and because of how light it is you can always use it as a traditional kick scooter in an emergency scenario. It's hard to imagine a better entry-level electric scooter then this one.

Alternatives To The Gotrax Glider

If you have a commute that requires a longer battery life, you may want to consider the SwagCycle Pro or the City Commuter. They both offer more mileage per charge and can reach top speeds of 18 mph.

They also offer higher load capacities in case you need something heftier for all of your cargo. Keep in mind that they do cost more due to the increased performance in those key areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the GoTrax Glider be used in the rain?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. The frame is advertised as being waterproof which means it can withstand light drizzle and moderate rain. It's not safe to drive it during heavy showers or through puddles of standing water.

Does it come with an owner's manual in the box? And, can I also view a copy of it online?

Yes to both. You receive a physical manual in the box when you order and you can view it in pdf format here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0071/0406/9747/files/G1_User_Manual.pdf

Does the GoTrax Glider come with a warranty?

Yep! You get a 90-day manufacturer's warranty and they even have a 14-day return policy that entitles you to a full refund if you realize it isn't the scooter for you.

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