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Everything You Need To Know About Electric Off-road Scooters

You can't just take any old scooter off-road. That's why we reviewed the best all-terrain electric scooter and listed them here.

Electric scooters are incredibly fun to drive and can be an efficient way to commute. However, you can't just take any old scooter off-road and expect it to be fine. There are special scooters that are designed for surviving rugged adventures in the wilderness.

Like any type of vehicle, there are dozens of makes and models to choose from. It can be a harrowing process narrowing down which one would best suit your needs. That's why we created this handy guide to help make your purchasing decision that much easier.

Not only have we handpicked the top four scooters for off-roading but we also threw in a bonus guide at the end that gives you some things to look out for when determining the quality of an all-terrain electric scooter.

Top Electric Scooters For Off-roading


The Wolf Warrior 11 is an extremely powerful off-road scooter that can also be used on paved roads with the proper wheels. The digital display allows you to easily track your speed and battery life and the vehicle handles like a dream.

It dominates all types of terrain and climbing slopes is satisfyingly easy with the rear-wheel-drive that gives the Wold Warrior an extra kick. This is a great first place to look when deciding on an off-road scooter.

Motor, Range, and Speed

Two 1200W motors work in tandem with the controllers to offer a max output of 5400W. It can reach top speeds of 50 mph on even ground and averages about 30 on rocky terrain.

The 35Ah battery from LG gives you about 80 miles per charge on average. This can vary a bit depending on the harshness of the environment you are riding in. When you need to power up, the battery takes about eight hours to fully charge.


The Warrior weighs in at 101 pounds and has sturdy metal throughout the frame. The hydraulic front shock absorbers keep impacts to a minimum and the spring-powered brake ensures responsive output during emergency stops.


The incredible speed of this scooter can compete with some ATVs and the sheer power allows it to tackle 45-degree inclines while keeping a decent pace. On the more defensive side, ABS braking keeps you safe as long as you remain alert.


  • Top speed of 50 mph!
  • Bright LED lights for navigation
  • Great control and handling


  • Requires special wheels for freeway travel


In the end, the amazing power and range of the Wold Warrior make it a perfect fit for advanced riders who are looking to speed up their adventuring. It is rare to find a personal transport vehicle with this much strength and stamina.

It is easy to turn when zipping about and the amazing safety features will help give you and your loved ones peace of mind as you tear it up in the elements. Buy it

2. Mototec Mad 1600W

This hybrid personal transport vehicle doubles as both an electric bike and an off-road scooter. It features a modern design and camo paint job that is quite stylish when in motion.

It has some solid power behind it and the comfortable seat makes long rides both enjoyable and relaxing. This is a good all-terrain scooter for those who are just looking to dip their toes in the world of outdoor fun.

Motor, Range, and Speed

The MAD features a 1600W brushless motor that can handle rocky roads with ease. You can easily maintain speeds of 20 mph on uneven surfaces. On average, we got between 15 and 19 miles of range per charge. It just depends on how tough the environment is.

The 48V battery system is comprised of four smaller 12V/12ah batteries that combine to pack 250 cycles of punch. It takes anywhere from four to eight hours to completely recharge depending on how low the power level of each individual battery is.


The frame is composed of high-grade steel that clocks in at 106 pounds. The total carrying capacity is 310 lbs and exceeding that threshold causes the rear and front suspension to start dipping.

There are two disc brakes and each of them rests at the front and back respectively. This keeps the overall design ergonomic and easy to handle even when riding at top speed.


The bamboo foot deck not only looks great but reduces the environmental footprint of this scooter. There is also a twist throttle that makes managing your speed a super intuitive process.


  • Extremely easy to control
  • Huge tires that dominate all types of terrain
  • 60-day warranty and lifetime technical support


  • Suspension dips low when nearing cargo limit
  • The digital speedometer is an optional add on


The Mototec MAD is a great entry-level scooter for anyone looking to try all-terrain vehicles for the first time. It provides a decent bit of power while keeping the rider extremely safe at all times.

More experienced riders will still have fun with this vehicle but may want to play with something a tad more powerful if they have already been adventuring for years. Buy it

3. WideWheel Dual 1000W

The Widewheel by Mercane is a scooter that was clearly designed with the rider's comfort as a top priority. Each drive was incredibly smooth and the scooter kept bumps to a minimum on even the trickiest of terrain.

There have been lots of improvements to the core design since last year and the fact that Mercane is delving so deep into customer feedback is a great indicator of a bright future ahead for this line of vehicles.

Motor, Range, and Speed

There are two variants to choose from when placing an order. There is the 500W single motor which will suffice for light off-roading and city commutes. For rougher terrain or faster speeds, the more powerful 1000W dual-motor version is the way to go.

The single motor can reach 20 mph and the dual can get up to 25. The range differs as well since the single goes up to 15 miles and the dual can make it up to 20. The dual has a slightly stronger 13.2Ah battery compared to the 8.8AH of the single.


Both models weigh close to 50 pounds with the single motor one being slightly lighter. They are both made of lightweight aluminum and feature a folding design that is great for carrying it by hand or saving room during storage.

The cargo capacity of both units is 220 lbs which are quite good considering the aluminum frame. There is a single disc brake on the back for speed control and emergency stops.


The key-based throttle is a great security measure as only the key holder can engage the motor. There are front and back LED lights as well to improve visibility when it starts to get late.


  • Intricate throttle that makes acceleration smooth
  • Accurate display of battery voltage keeps you in the know
  • Great customer service that is responsive to questions and concerns


  • A recent caliper recall puts the overall build quality in question


Both versions of the Widewheel offer great value for the price. The 500W version is a nice choice for anyone who wants to start spending more time outside and wants something that is totally safe and reliable.

The 1000W variant is excellent for adventurers who want as much power as possible without sacrificing the vast suite of safety features and tight controls offered up by the 500W unit. Buy it

4. Unagi Model One

This impressively portable scooter is an awesome gadget for just about any type of terrain or commute. You can choose from four different colors that help you stand out in the crowd or differentiate them if you decide to buy more than one.

With how small each Unagi is, don't be surprised if you do end up springing for one for each member of the family. The ease of use and fun factor make it great for outdoor family affairs.

Motor, Range, and Speed

This scooter features a 250W motor that will surprise you when you realize how fast it zips around. It can reach top speeds of 15.5 miles on flat terrain and can even climb inclines of six degrees of less without slowing down very much.

Each battery charge will take you exactly 15.5 miles as well. The LG battery uses the latest technology to offer insanely fast charge times. We were back up and running every two hours each time we had to plug it in.


The frame is super sleek and durable yet only weighs 22.5 pounds. This may seem unbelievable until you realize it is comprised of the same carbon fiber used on Space-X rockets. Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly.

To make things even more futuristic, the scooter automatically folds at the press of a button. This never got old and made it extremely easy to carry or put away. The dual electronic brakes just require one lever push to bring the Unagi to a complete stop.


The magnesium handlebar makes turning a breeze and houses all the control mechanisms without the need for a bulky monitor or exposed wires. the headlight is 47 lumens of brightness and the rear LED lets others know you are braking.


  • Japanese carbon keeps it light yet extremely durable
  • Ease of use and futuristic design
  • The most portable electric scooter you will find


  • No cruise control


The Unagi Model One is an excellent choice for those who love stylish tech and want to show off the next new thing to all of their friends and family. The innovative features and overall performance make it quite fun to drive.

It is also great for families or other groups who want to buy multiple scooters and go off-roading together. Each vehicle is extremely small and the different color options make it easy to tell each one apart. Buy it

Things to consider when buying an off-road electric scooter

There are a couple of factors to think about when determining which off-road scooter will suit you best. Here is a quick rundown of the different types of scooters and a few frequently asked questions to get you sorted.

Types of off-road electric scooters

There are three basic classifications for off-road scooters that determine what types of terrain they are most compatible with.

Rough Terrain - These scooters have massive wheels that are at least ten inches in diameter. Big and strong tires are needed to tackle harsh spots with lots of rocks and tree branches or where there aren't any roads to speak of.

Three-dimensional treads are also important for rough terrain. They help maintain traction that is vital when traversing the elements when they are at their harshest.

Uneven Terrain - These scooters have medium-sized tires that are generally about eight inches in diameter. They feature patterned treads to increase leverage on surfaces such as gravel and dirt roads.

Level Terrain - These scooters have the smallest tires and put less emphasis on treads. They are best for paved roads and grassy fields that don't require very much power or traction to navigate safely.

FAQs about off-road electric scooters

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much power do I need for rough terrain or steep inclines?

A motor with high torque and wattage output will be needed to tackle challenging environments. At least 1000W and a top speed of 20 mph is recommended for slopes that approach 45-degree angles.

Is it safe to drive electric scooters in the rain or through small bodies of water?

It depends on if the scooter advertises the IP5 rating. IP54 is generally considered to be the bare minimum before a scooter can claim to be waterproof. This will keep it safe during light to moderate rainfall. It is best to avoid riding in heavy showers for too long and if you see large puddles or swamps with standing water you should always attempt to navigate around them. If you can't go around, carrying the scooter as you wade through is most beneficial.

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