Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter Review

Qiewa has routinely produced some of the roughest and toughest scooters in the industry. The Q1 is an excellent next step in their line of all-terrain personal transport vehicles. It is quite fast and fun to ride overall.

Qiewa has routinely produced some of the roughest and toughest scooters in the industry. The Q1 is an excellent next step in their line of all-terrain personal transport vehicles. It is quite fast and fun to ride overall.

It is definitely better suited to advanced riders as the sheer speed is enough to make it harder to control for someone just learning to ride. Here’s a breakdown of the ins and outs so you can see if the Q1 is right for you.

Feature Highlights

  1. IP65 Waterproof – Easily drive through the rain and shallow bodies of water without causing damage to the internal electrical components of the scooter
  2. Adjustable Speed – Customizable top speed for passing city regulations that limit how fast electric scooters can legally go
  3. Anti-theft Key Fob – Fits in your pocket and makes sure only you can start the engine
  4. Optional Seat Installation – For longer rides or those who don’t want to keep their balance at full speed. The simple setup allowed us to sit down in just a few short minutes

Motor and Battery

The 800-watt motor kicked into high gear as soon as we engaged the Q1’s engine. It easily allowed us to climb slopes of 35 degrees without sacrificing much speed in the process.

The LG lithium-ion battery is turbocharged with 48V of power and 26AH of total charge. We were floored y how long we were able to drive this thing before we got the low battery indicator.

With the high capacity does come the need to charge it up for about 8-10 hours depending on how low the juice level is. Still, the USB charging made it very convenient to charge just about anywhere overnight.

Range and Speed

The Qiewa Q1 Hummer tops out at an impressive 37 mph and it feels great when the wind blows through your hair at that speed. You can also limit the top speed which is a nice touch if you live in an area where scooter speed is heavily regulated.

The range is also quite impressive with Qiewa advertising a max distance of 65 miles per charge. In our test, we had more than enough juice to get everywhere and we even found ourselves getting tired of waiting for the battery to deplete for this review.


The lightweight aluminum used for the frame was surprisingly rugged. The whole vehicle weighs about fifty-five pounds which shows just how densely the material is packed. Even more impressive is the fact that riders up to 550 lbs can enjoy it without worry.

The pneumatic tires both come in at ten inches and come equipped with shock absorption technology. This is excellent for dirt roads and other terrains that bounce the scooter around. We were impressed by how stable it was to drive on gravel.

The Q1 easily folds up to make both carrying and storing it easier. It is worth checking to see if you can easily lift 55 pounds before purchasing if you plan on lugging this scooter around with you.

Braking System

Qiewa employs a double disk brake system for both of the tires. It made for smooth stops which proved vital when taking the vehicle off-road. A tail light illuminates whenever the brake is engaged to let others know when you are slowing or stopping.

Overall it is a pretty standard brake setup for electric scooters of this caliber. We can’t complain though as there isn’t much use in fixing what hasn’t been broken.


LED lights are sprinkled near the base of the unit to improve visibility in low light situations. The shock absorbers help stabilize the rider during bumps and potential collisions. We felt pretty secure when off-roading which is a great sign.

There is also a key fob that helps prevent theft by locking the ignition down. When out in a city, it is still advisable to get a bike lock to prevent someone from picking it up outright.

Customer Service

Qiewa offers a fairly standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on defects and missing parts. Sadly their customer service reps are notoriously hard to reach and even trickier to get useful information or service out of.

While we didn’t need to use our warranty, a quick search through Amazon reviews reveal several horror stories of people trying again and again to redeem their replacement parts.


As stated above, the customer service is rather unreliable. Unless you are a mechanic or are good friends with one, you just might be out of look if anything needs fixing. This is a bad look and may keep less mechanically savvy people at bay.

The Q1 also features a rather hefty price tag that limits the number of potential customers right out the gate. The feature set is worth it for those who want to go off-roading but many won’t need a scooter this rugged for their daily commutes.

Who Is the Qiewa Q1 Electric Scooter For?

Advanced riders with lots of experience and a desire to go on adventures in harsh terrain will get significant value from this scooter. Those riders will also need a good bit of capital in order to make the initial purchase.

Beginners might want to steer clear at first because of the blazing top speed and lack of customer service. If you are new to the world of scooters and only plan or riding through the city, there are many other options that would serve you better.

Summing It All Up

The Q1 is a high-end scooter that will be excellent for the demographic it targets. However, that demographic is rather small when compared to some of the mid-range scooters that attempt to appease all riders.

Those who want to conquer all types of terrain through rain or shine will really enjoy just how rugged this vehicle is. The motor is incredibly powerful and the battery lasts longer than you will ever need it to.

If you have the cash and want one of the most powerful scooters ever designed, the Q1 is an excellent choice for high octane fun.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m over 6 feet tall. Will I be able to ride this scooter comfortably?

At 5′ 11′, I had to bend a little and adjust the handlebars as high as they could go to control the vehicle accurately.

Can you drive the Q1 through the snow?

Yes but it isn’t the safest option. While you can technically drive it through the snow, it will slide much more than a car and may prove dangerous in areas with lots of crashing potential.

How can you tell when the battery is fully charged? Will the red light stop blinking or change color?

The “hello” light will turn green and stop blinking when the battery is all juiced up.

Can it survive 10 minutes in moderate to heavy rain?

Yes! The IP65 waterproof design makes it easily withstand rain for extended periods. You just don’t want to soak it in bodies of water for more than a few seconds.

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