Reviewing The Razor E300 - How Good Is This Affordable Electric Scooter?

The Razor E300 is one of the more popular and affordable electric scooters that you can get today. Read our review for the pros, cons, and best use cases.

The Razor E300 is one of the more popular and affordable electric scooters that you can get today. The size, power, and design all make it one of the most ideal choices for you or a kid, and it is one of the safest options for children, too.

We looked at all of the specs and features and broke down which made this scooter great and which could be improved to help you decide if this is the scooter for you or someone you know.

Feature highlights

Weight limit

Unlike the other models from Razor, the E300 has one of the highest weight limits out there. Between the user and any bags they have, it can carry up to 220 pounds at a time.

However, you can expect it to go a little slower than its max speed with the more weight that is on it. When someone who is the max weight is riding it, it seems to only be able to get up to 10 miles per hour, depending on the riding conditions.

Large tires

One of the reasons a heavier or older user can ride this scooter is because of the larger tires that it has. Most other scooters have tires that are usually between 5 and 7 inches or so.

This model uses tires that are about 9 inches, and they are a bit better at handling more weight and keeping the ride smooth and level.


You may not know it, but there are some scooters (sit or stand) that do not have a kickstand that is built into the scooter itself. Thankfully, this model does, so you do not have to worry about finding a wall to lean it against or having a bike rack to put it into.


The overall size is a little bigger than some of the other models, and that is what makes this model one of the best options for teens and even adults.

There is enough room for a teen or adult to put both of their feet on the scooter, and the handlebars are tall enough that they do not have to bend over to grab them.

Motor and battery

The E300 comes with a 250-watt motor, which is about in the middle class when it comes to how powerful it is. To give you some perspective, a 150-watt motor is pretty high for a child to pre-teen and a 500 to the 700-watt motor can be considered street legal in some cases.

The battery is pretty decent as well since it can last for up to 40 minutes on a full charge, depending on the riding conditions. It can take about 6 to 12 hours to get a full charge, which is a little bit slower than some of the other models. The batteries are also lead-acid, meaning they have a max lifespan of about 2.5, depending on where you live.

Range and speed

The range and speed are pretty decent for a non-commuting scooter; it can get as far as 12 miles on a single charge. If you are going downhill and are under the max weight, then it can get even farther, but if you are around the max weight and/or are going up inclines, you may only get as far as 8 miles or even less.

The speed is equally decent since it has a max speed of around 15 miles per hour, but that is if you are not close to the max weight limit and if you are at least going on a flat, straight road/sidewalk.


The frame is pretty well-built and durable. It can withstand several drops or more thanks to the all-steel frame that it has, making it one of the better options for anyone who is clumsy or is learning to ride a scooter for the first time.

Braking system

The brakes are very much like a bicycle with a single lever right in front of the handle; the one opposite of the throttle. Since the scooter is only powered from the rear tire, the brake is only for the rear tire.


Since it has a pretty low max speed, it is one of the safer options for teens and new riders. The braking system is pretty responsive, too, so it is pretty easy to stop quickly if need be.

Customer service

If there is a faulty part, it is pretty simple and easy to exchange the scooter for a working model. However, if you do not have the warranty or protection plan and you damage it, getting it replaced can be a lengthy and uneventful process.


Beyond being a fun riding tool for teens and adults, there is not much more that can be done with this scooter. The tires are not designed for off-road use, and it is illegal to ride it around on a public road. It also cannot go too far without needing a charge, making it not the best option for commuters.

Who Should Buy The Razor E300?

Anyone who is looking for a fun and new riding tool that requires little effort to use can use this scooter, as long as they are not too tall or are near the max weight limit.

Teens and young adults can also use this, so long as they are taught how and wear the proper protection; it is not the best for younger kids unless they are watched and have experience using a scooter.

Final verdict

This can be a great gift for you or someone else if you like riding scooters and are looking for something that you can use in your driveway, on a sidewalk, in the park, or anywhere else you can, especially if you are on a bit of a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the max height for a user?

With the height of the handlebars, the max height that a user can be is probably around 5' 10" if they want to use it comfortably.

Does it come with a battery and charger?

Yes, the scooter comes with the batteries (2 12V) and a charger, and they can be removed and replaced, too.

Can you buy a battery separately?

Yes, you can buy better batteries to replace the ones that they come with if you want the scooter to last longer, but it will not make the scooter go faster. You should always check to see if the batteries that you want will work with the scooter before buying them. Otherwise, it can ruin the scooter.

Is it a manual or an automatic?

This is an automatic scooter, and it is very rare if not impossible to find an electric scooter that has a manual motor.

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