How Good Is The Weped GT50E Electric Scooter?

The Weped GT50E is a new and high-performance electric scooter. If you are looking for a scooter with great looks, long range, and very high speed, the Weped might be for you. Read our review for the answers to all your questions.

Recently made available to the US market, the WePed GT50E is a solid electric scooter that combines technology and sturdy construction to offer discerning riders a powerful, yet smooth-riding product they can depend on. With a focus on performance, the GT50E boasts fantastic specifications, including considerable range, fast speeds, and stable riding. Also, the scooter’s sleek and robust design defies conventional looks and makes it a stand-out among the competition.

Different from other scooters on the market, the GT50E is the race car equivalent to standard electric scooters being sold today. With its distinct capabilities and modern technology, this scooter is a one-of-a-kind ride.

Feature Highlights

Among the large variety of electric scooters offered on the market today, the WePed GT50E electric scooter stands out from the competition with its extensive lineup of features that take it to the next level. The GT50E’s well-rounded design, 4 Link Dampening System, and Shinko Extra Wide Tires all push this scooter to the upper class of personal electric transportation.

The GT50E is a well-rounded scooter that offers advantages in all aspects of personal transportation. With its high power, long-range, fast speed, and reliability, this scooter is well-suited for a variety of different riders, offering a wide array of benefits to each one. In addition to its well-rounded design, this scooter features a specialized suspension that makes riding it an absolute breeze.

From smooth pavement to rough roads, the GT50E’s patented 4 Link Dampening Front Suspension and Rear Bushing system works to provide riders a smooth ride over most terrains. Allowing for a strong, rigid stem with little give, this suspension system absorbs every crack and bump and lets you enjoy the ride with comfort. To enhance the riding experience even further, the GT50E comes fitted with Shinko Extra Wide Tires.

Working in tandem with the 4 Link Dampening System, the Shinko Extra Wide Tires are tubeless pneumatic tires that deliver extra stability and traction while riding. And with their 5.5-inch width, these tires help to create a soft ride while still providing enough grip and traction for most landscapes. In the event of an emergency, these tires feature stiff sidewalls that allow for tire operation even in the event of a flat, so that you won’t be left stranded.

Motor and Battery

When it comes to electric scooters, the most important factors to consider are the motor and battery, and WePed has spared no expense for the GT50E.

In the GT50E, WePed has utilized two 1800 watt BLDC hub motors housed in the front and rear wheels. With a maximum power output of 3600 watts, these motors provide enough push to overcome a 50% climbing grade, depending on the rider’s weight and battery charge.

Batteries are essential when it comes to electric scooters so WePed has chosen to utilize one of the best on the market. The GT50E comes standard with Samsung SDI’s new INR21700 50E batteries, a newer innovation in batteries that yields 50 percent greater capacity than older 18650 batteries, as well as consistent power output with no voltage sag, all at a reasonably small size. These INR21700 batteries are relatively lightweight and will fully charge in 17 hours with a standard 1.7 amp charger.

Power System And Performance

With Samsung SDI’s new INR21700 50E batteries, the GT50E delivers an impressive range of 65 miles on one full charge, far exceeding the average range of many other electric scooters. The maximum range will vary depending on the rider’s physical stature and the condition of the terrain.

Besides, the GT50E’s powerful dual motors allow it to hit a maximum speed of nearly 50 miles per hour, making this one fast little scooter. Acceleration tests have shown that this scooter can reach 15 miles per hour in 2.1 seconds and 30 miles per hour in a little over six seconds.


The GT50E’s durable construction and high-grade build quality put it a step above the competition when it comes to long life and reliability. The scooter’s resilient frame is built from solid aluminum and carbon fiber and features a rigid, curved stem that folds down through a folding implement. This well-built folding mechanism is comprised of a large pin and an easy-to-grab aluminum handle, and its solid construction prevents any loose movement or wobbling in the stem.

Additionally, the scooter’s frame, stem, and deck are all held together with strong, sturdy bolts, which help to ensure secure setup. It’s capable of supporting 220 lbs. Furthermore, the GT50E’s aforementioned Shinko tires are equally as durable as its frame, being more resistant to flats than other standard tires.


Similar to other electric vehicles, the GT50E employs a regenerative braking system, a system that slows down a vehicle by storing its kinetic energy or using it somewhere else. Regenerative braking’s main benefits include the ability to slightly recharge the batteries whenever the brakes are applied as well as less wear and tear on the brakes themselves.

The regenerative braking system for the GT50E utilizes large drum brakes that work in tandem with front and rear electronic braking. This provides highly-efficient stopping performance at the simple pull of a lever. The brakes are also easy to fine-tune and require little to no maintenance.

Safety Features

Safety is an important factor when it comes to all modes of transportation, and scooters are no different. To illuminate your surroundings, and to allow others to see you, the GT50E comes integrated with a multitude of lights, including multi-colored LEDs on both wheels and a red light in the rear. These lights will allow others to identify you while riding, even at night.

Customer Service

As with any purchase, items can break or malfunction. If this were the case with the GT50E, WePed offers a six-month warranty that covers the scooter, all WePed accessories, and the charger. WePed also offers a one year warranty that covers the battery.

Certain instances won’t be covered by the warranties, so you should check their website for more details. The warranties are activated the moment you receive your scooter and should be claimed within the six months or one year period.

Drawbacks of The Weped GT50E

The GT50E offers quite a lot of benefits to the average rider, but it isn’t without its disadvantages. For one, the GT50E does come in at a pretty steep price tag. With each scooter costing $3,500, you can expect a hefty blow to the bank account if you purchase one.

Its high price tag might be why others consider other more budget-friendly options when buying an electric scooter.

Another downside of this particular scooter is its somewhat hefty size and weight. While relatively compact for a scooter with such features, it’s still a bit big for personal transportation. You might find it a bit inconvenient in certain situations, such as going up and down the stairs, storing it, and transporting it when folded.

These are some of the factors you should take into consideration if you are thinking of buying this scooter.

Who Should Buy The GT50E?

Electric personal transportation is a convenience that most would love to have, and the GT50E offers quick and easy movement across long distances, which would benefit most anybody in today’s society.

College students could benefit from its relatively small size and fast speeds, as it would help them attend classes with more convenience. Walking can be tiring and time-consuming and this scooter could help reduce the annoyance of having to walk across the campus to get to class.

Additionally, people who can’t afford cars would appreciate the GT50E’s lower price and people who prefer cleaner modes of travel would enjoy its full electrical operation. With its many features and advantages, the GT50E would be beneficial to many different riders.


With so many different types of electric scooters being sold on the market, it can be difficult to find the one best suited for you. After looking at the GT50E, we can say with confidence that it is one of the best electric scooters being sold on the market today.

Its incredible long-range and fast speeds make it a joy to ride and provide a level of convenience that’s hard to find with other electric scooters. Its rock-solid construction ensures a long-lasting product and its innovative technology makes this scooter comfortable and relaxing to ride. So if you’re interested in a fun and efficient scooter that’s proven to work, the GT50E might be the scooter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are WePed Scooters waterproof?

WePed Scooters are not waterproof and should be kept out of the rain

Can the battery be replaced?

The batteries of these scooters typically last around three years or about 800 cycles. After 800 cycles, the battery will still have more than 70 percent power. To replace a battery, you should contact your retailer.

Are there any precautions I should take if I store the scooter for a long time?

If you are not going to use the scooter for a long time, you should store the scooter at a 75-80 percent charge and then charge and discharge the scooter at least once every three months.

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