Reviewing The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Interested in the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter? Check out our review for the answers to any questions about this scooter and more.

Xiaomi has been putting out an impressive array of products over the last few years. Recently they have entered the scooter market with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter and we were excited to take a look at what they had to offer.

We’re happy to report that the scooter offers a solid value and is seriously worth considering for your driving needs. Read on to see if the Xiaomi Mi would fit well into your own city commute.

Feature Highlights

  1. Highly portable – It weighs a mere 26.9 pounds so anyone can easily carry it by hand. The scooter folds up in three easy steps that make it simple to store when not in use. Within just a few seconds we can fold or unfold it an be on our way.
  2. Bluetooth Compatible – The Mi is simple to connect to your phone and the app is an excellent resource. You can check real-time riding stats like average speed and remaining battery life.
  3. Intuitive Controls – Anyone can learn to drive this model just by giving it a go. You know you will be safe and in control during each commute.

Motor and Battery

The 250W brushless DC motor ensures a steady output of power that was easy to gauge as we drove it around. It uses multiple lithium batteries located at the front that remains juiced up for an average of 18.6 miles before needing a recharge.

It takes around 5 hours to fully recharge the scooter from a dead battery. One great thing about the phone app is that it will alert you if the health of the battery pack ever gets compromised.

This helps you anticipate problems beforehand so you don’t get stuck in busy traffic with a useless battery. You can travel up slight inclines with ease but for your own safety, it is best to walk it up very steep slopes.

Range and Speed

The Mi can get up 15.5 mph when pushed to the limit. This is a rather impressive speed for scooters in this class and goes about five times faster than the average adult can walk.

The range of each commute is about 18 miles before needing a recharge. The scooter slows down to a top speed of 11.2 mph during the last few miles of battery life in order to conserve power and ensure you don’t get stranded somewhere.


The body is comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum that looks incredibly sleek while remaining highly durable. It even won the red dot award in 2017 for its excellent construction and minimalist design.

It holds up to 220 pounds which is pretty strong considering the scooter itself is only 27 lbs. The wheels are 8.5 inches when fully inflated with 50 psi of pressure. The firmness of the tires does diminish every few months so keep a pump handy.

The tires feature anti-slip treads and shock absorption technology to boot. Every ride we went on was smooth and comfortable the whole way. It is easy to see why this design won an award and those sensitive to bumps and shocks should enjoy this unit immensely.

Braking System

Where the Mi goes above and beyond is the innovative double braking system. It uses both a disc-based brake on the back tire and a standard brake lever for the front. The eABS regenerative anti-lock keeps this braking system working flawlessly.

We were able to stop on a dime whenever we wanted and Xiaomi advertises a maximum braking distance of just 13.1 feet. A red taillight activates whenever the brake is pulled to ensure everyone behind you can anticipate your stop.


The Mi follows standard safety guidelines provided y the FCC in the United States. It also passes Canada’s license-exempt RSS standard so it is easy to drive in most major western cities.

The front of the unit is equipped with bright headlights that aid in visibility at night. It is not recommended to drive long distances in the rain as it can lead to long term damage to the electrical components of the scooter.

While the ride is incredibly smooth, it is still important to remain alert and avoid uneven pavement whenever possible. It is also advised that you slow down to about 5 mph before going over any speed bumps.

Customer Service

Each scooter comes with a standard one year warranty. This covers intrinsic defects in the product but won’t do much good in the event of a crash or other accidents.

We contacted Xiaomi customer service just to see how well they could answer questions about the scooter. While the two reps we talked to had some thick accents, they were able to promptly answer any questions we had and were quite friendly.


A criticism we could level at the MI is the lack of a traditional control panel. Most of the information is relegated to the phone app which is cool at first but is sort of impractical when actually driving.

It is also worth noting that this model was previously recalled for faulty parts. While our new scooter was perfectly fine, it is something that may worry you if you were hoping to purchase this scooter used.

Who Is The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter For?

City commuters are sure to get great value from this scooter. It offers a solid battery life and can go much faster than if you were walking. Plus it is easy to fold up and carry if you need to travel long distances on a bus or subway.

The price is right for a design that won the red dot award and the suite of safety features is sure to delight most people. The sleek frame is also nice for anyone who cares about their style.

Summing It All Up

This is an all-around solid choice if you are in the market for a scooter. When compared to more expensive models the Mi still gets the job done in almost all areas. We like how lightweight it is while still maintaining a durable construction.

It is very easy to pick up and use without needing to consult a long-winded manual. It keeps you safe and lets you make several short commutes before needing to charge the battery.

Overall, buying the Mi M365 is a solid investment that will provide a smooth riding experience for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this the exact scooter used by the bird app?

No. While Xiaomi also produces the scooters used by both Bird and Lime, this is a civilian model that is meant to appeal to a wider demographic y offering a slightly less powerful unit that is much more affordable.

Can the pneumatic tires be replaced on the Xiaomi Mi?

Yes. All manner of traditional solid tires will be compatible with this model. We recommend consulting a professional for installation unless you already have years of prior mechanical experience.

How can I prevent it from being stolen in a large city?

Using a bike lock is the best way to secure your ride when you can’t supervise it. Smaller U locks can fit in your pocket while also providing solid defense against theft.

Can I order replacement parts or do I need to buy a whole new unit?

You can order most parts used in this model individually. The best way is to reach out to Xiaomi customer care at the email address: service.us@xiaomi.com

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